Wooden handmade souvenirs

Wooden handmade souvenirs are highly appreciated nowadays.

People use miniature sculptures to decorate their house, they became a universal subject of decor, which are usually put on a desk, a windowsill or bedside table.

Our company offer clients a great variety of wooden souvenirs. All of the souvenirs are handmade by Ukrainian woodcutters. It takes it’s time and we believe that great things should not be rushed forward. If it’s grinding, sawing or polishing, it is always a human, who stands behind.

The wooden handmade souvenirs presented in this section will become the pride of the collector, will turn a boring interior into refined furniture, brighten up a monotonous office, will be a majestic gift to the forthcoming celebration. Such wooden gifts are considered to be exclusive, expensive and qualitative. They will be pleasant to everyone: representatives of a business area, judges of art and old friends who just expect attention on their holiday.

Our company is eco-friendly. That is why each product is made of wood of the highest quality. We use the following species: oak, mahogany, walnut, elm, linden, chestnut, cedar and pine. We use only safe varnish on our products. Thanks to this fact, our souvenirs are not only beautiful, but also safe both for adults and for children.

Thanks to the qualification and experience of our woodcutters, our company is capable to create a lot of various souvenirs, which will be able to meet the most various requirements, and will fit into any interior. Playing with breeds of trees, their texture and color, we create unique images and plots, realizing the imagination in reality.

Wooden souvenir is the smart option, which will be highly appreciated and will please you with originality and impeccability!

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