Wooden masks

Running with an aim to accomplish the requirements of the clients, we are engaged in offering stylish wooden handmade masks.

The ornamental mask can be used for decoration of an interior of the house or restaurant, for a certain mystic atmosphere creation. The culture of making wooden masks came to us from old African tribes. They believed that such masks have some sacral meaning and could protect them from evil.

The handmade mask can become a stunning addition to your home decor. The wooden wall ornamental mask made by handicraftsmen, which absorbed the unique local African aura, perfectly fits the actual interior concept. It can be used to hang on walls, doors or cupboards. Designed with fine detailing and artistic design, these masks will take the beauty of your home to a completely new level.

Each mask is made of the highest quality wood. We use the following species: oak, mahogany, walnut, elm, linden, chestnut, cedar and pine.

The decoration of the house with wooden handmade masks becomes more and more popular. Many people want to have a unique and unusual product. That is why we offer not simply wooden masks, but decorated with glass, metal, brass or aluminum.

The wooden mask can become an excellent gift to anybody who likes to decorate dwelling with something original. A note of hot Africa will gratify the owner of the mask and will become an interior highlight. Any wonderful, modern constructions will not be able to give to your dwelling such ecological purity, noticeable uniqueness what wood is capable to present.

Designed using finest quality wood and advanced technology, our skilled designers make this available in various colors and designs.

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