Today, when old traditions restore, the masters of woodcarving, making use of experience of ancestors, create the excellent works of art designed to serve as decoration of our environment. One of such decoration of your house can become a wooden handmade frame.

Our company has become a professional in production of frames. We use only the best materials for production. The most popular are the following species of wood: oak, mahogany, walnut, elm, linden, chestnut, cedar and pine. Pliable material and noble color of a natural wood make a product smooth to the touch and give esthetic look with the minimal final processing.

The wooden handmade frame is an excellent addition to an interior and will fit into any design, creating an original note. Frame will allow you to save the best memories: the photographs from important celebrations, photographs of parents, children and beloved person. This small accessorize will give you positive emotions every time when you look at it.

This element of an interior can be used not only as a photograph frame, but also as a picture frame, a mirror frame or frame for any other valuable paper.

This frame is not just a device to store your photographs, this is a self-sufficient decoration of your house. While manufacturing this frame, the master tries his best to carve the smallest details in order to satisfy our clients and give them emotions of joy and pleasure from contemplation of favorite photographs. You should not worry if the size or material of the wanted frame is unordinary. Our company is ready to satisfy any needs. Simply, while making an order, you should specify the parameters of the frame and then it will be our job to make it real.

The wooden frame can become a pleasant and unexpected gift for your friends and relatives.

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