Production of wooden boxes holds a specific place in our company. Wooden box, perhaps, is one of the most ancient methods of packaging. Such products as wooden boxes are suitable as packaging for gifts and souvenirs, alcohol, tea and coffee, different goods, natural cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, cigars, etc. Today such wooden products are not just the set of boards, which is hammered together by nails, it became an art. The art of woodcarving became so sophisticated, that any wooden box can become an exclusive piece of art in hands of master. They can be decorated by fabric, metal, skin and even jewels. Individually developed and qualitatively made wooden boxes can remain with you for a long time.

Handmade boxes bear in themselves warmth and coziness, give special charm to the interior of your house. You can put such box on the bedside table or near the mirror and house there some trifles. In such a way, you will enjoy both functional and decorative properties of the box.

Everyone has some jewelry that has to be put away in a special box, so wooden jewelry box is a wonderful gift that you can give to someone or yourself.

In addition to its decorative functions, big boxes provides a perfect storage space for clothes, linens, books and anything you can imagine. It can be an ideal storage solution for toys, blankets or archive photographs.

Each wooden box is made in Ukraine. We use only environmentally friendly materials while producing our products. Wood allows making boxes strong and reliable. We use the following species of wood: oak, mahogany, walnut, elm, linden, chestnut, cedar and pine.

Really beautiful qualitative things always want to be saved, especially if they are made with love.

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