Are you bored with ordinary accessorizes that no one notes? Maybe, you want to add some stylish details to your look? Our company is ready to help you! Wooden accessories will be the best choice for people who want to keep up with the fashions.

You can find a wide range of wooden handmade accessories on the website. No matter what style you like, these wonderful wooden treasures will fit anywhere. They look modern and fancy. We are sure that your new handmade accessory will impress all your colleagues and relatives.

If you want to make an unordinary surprise to your colleague, friend or boss, we are already here to help you. You can order unusual wooden accessories made of ecologically friendly material on our website. Great value for the money.

Our company has great knowledge of wood, its properties and production process, which have been gained from the experience; it is applied daily in the process of creating accessories. Our woodcutters are qualified masters who do their job with great love. Accessories are hand crafted and we ensure that each wooden accessory meets requirements for the highest quality and standards.

With your choice, you will also contribute to a better world as all of our products are nature-conscious. We pick over only the best wood species. Both softwoods and hardwoods are used, principally oak, mahogany, walnut, elm, linden, chestnut, cedar and pine. Every production step is made in Ukraine.

Natural wood texture is polished with either oil, wax or other polish. Each wood has its own unique pattern, so be sure that the product you have at home is unique and no one else can boast with having the same.

Life is too short to wear boring accessories. Try out our wooden accessories and stand out of the crowd.

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